Welcome to ECGkit’s documentation!

This toolbox is a collection of Matlab tools that I used, adapted or developed during my PhD and post-doc work with the Besicos group at University of Zaragoza, Spain and at the National Technological University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The ECG-kit has tools for reading, processing and presenting results, as you can see in the documentation or in these demos on Youtube.

The main feature of the this toolbox is the possibility to use several popular algorithms for ECG processing, such as:

with the same application programmer interface (API) directly in Matlab, under Windows, Linux or Mac. The kit also implements a recording interface which allows processing several ECG formats, such as HL7-aECG, MIT, ISHNE, HES, Mortara, and AHA, of arbitrary recording size (the record so far is a 1 week recording of 3 leads, sampled at 500 Hz).

_images/ex_ABP_PPG_Registro_01M_full_Pagina_05.png _images/QRS_corrector.PNG _images/208_full_14.png _images/1.png _images/2.png

This kit also includes many open-source projects such as WFDB Toolbox for MATLAB and Octave from Physionet, PRtools, Libra, export_fig from undocumented Matlab, and other open-source scripts that have their proper references to the original projects or authors.

Voluntary contributions

Many thanks to Andrés Demski from UTN who helped to this project before he learned how to use it. To all the friends in Zaragoza, Porto and Lund, but in special to the ones closest to the project:

  • Pablo Laguna, Juan Pablo Martínez, Rute Almeida and Juan Bolea, for the wavedet ECG delineator and many parts of the Biosig browser project that were adapted to this project.
  • Jesús Lázaro and Eduardo Gil for the PPG / ABP pulse detection code.

Involuntary contributions

The acknowledgements also goes to all these people, important in many ways to the fulfilment of this project