Getting Started


The easiest way to install the latest stable version is downloading the project in zip or tgz. If you want the latest development version, clone the master branch with your favorite GIT client. Here you can find one for each supported platform, and a nice GUI for Windows called Tortoise. Then go to an empty folder, right click there and select Git Clone


or execute in the shell:

git clone --recursive

To install the kit, after unpacking or cloning the kit to ‘your_installation_folder’, then type in Matlab

cd 'your_installation_folder'

Here you have a Youtube video of a typical installation. You can try then the examples.m script in order to check the correct installation in some included recordings:


or if you want to try in your own recordings:

examples('1/1', 'C:\Your_own_recordings\')

The use of this script is explained more in detail in the Examples section.


Uninstallation is as easy as typing:


Here you can check a typical uninstallation video as well